Code of Conduct: Children & Young People

  1. As members of the Club, all children and young people are expected to show consideration and respect to every other Club member, irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, sex, ability or disability, age or size, or political persuasion.  In return, they should expect to receive this back again.
  2. Children and Young People will be expected to arrive punctually and quietly for their lessons, changing within a cubicle with the door closed (N.B. members of the public may attend the small pool with their children; plus members of the gym use the sauna, steam room and showers).  Do NOT remove swimming costumes/trunks whilst having a shower.  Members should show regard for the privacy and sensitivity of other users of the changing room, whether or not they are Club members.
  3. If very early, children and young people will be expected to wait quietly and orderly – this may well have to be outside the building, supervised by parents/guardians/carers until the Facility Staff allow them to enter.  If given permission to do so by Facility Staff, they may wait in the changing room until allowed on the poolside, where they are expected to sit on the wall at the spectator side of the pool until their teachers have collected their registers and are ready to escort them to their appropriate teaching areas.
  4. Clothes and other belongings should be left in the changing room lockers, and not brought on to the poolside – we do not have room for them.  A £1.00 coin or ‘trolley token’ is needed for the locker, which will be returned when clothes, etc. are taken out of the locker – don’t forget to take it out of the little ‘slot’ when you collect your clothes!!  Alternatively, your clothes may be taken upstairs by your parent/carer.
  5. At no time is running allowed in any area of the building.  Playing on the stairs within the pool hall and reception area is unsafe and strictly forbidden.
  6. Chewing gum, sweets, etc. are not allowed during Club sessions.  If you are still eating any of these when you come on to the poolside, you will be asked to put it in the rubbish bin.
  7. Use of bad language or language or behaviour of a sexually explicit nature is not allowed.  If anyone is found to be using such language, or behaving inappropriately, they will be asked to stop, and if it continues will be asked to leave the premises.  Continuing to violate this rule will result in a letter to parents, followed by a meeting with the Committee, and possible expulsion.
  8. Please note that bullying of any description, be it physical, verbal, mental  or emotional, will not be tolerated, and notification that this has occurred will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with ASA guidelines, with regard to Child Protection Procedures.  The Club has an anti-bullying policy.
  9. When arriving for your lesson, you must ensure that you are clean – including hands and feet!  – have been to the toilet, and have wiped your nose.
  10. You must not attend the Club if you have an open wound, head lice or an infection, which might be passed on to other members of the Club.  If you have a verruca, we expect you to wear special protective verruca socks, and request that you do not place your bare foot/feet on the floor in the changing room or pool area to help to minimise the risk of spreading – you may need to bring a small, spare towel to help prevent this.
  11. CLUB swimming hats are provided with membership fees for use by ALL members.  The replacement of lost or damaged hats lies with the parent/carer – we will loan a hat for the first week, but we do expect the child to have a replacement Club hat after that.  These can be purchased at cost price from the Club – please go to our reception table or see Andy to request a new one.
  12. Jewellery may not be worn in the pool.  Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. must be removed before swimming – it is very easy to get them caught or to catch other people with them.  Please leave such items at home, or in your locker.  Please note that this applies to boys as well as girls!  N.B. Teachers are not allowed to remove earrings or other piercing for you, but are allowed to refuse you entry into the pool!
  13. You may enter the water only on the express instruction of your teacher, and then only in the manner in which you have been instructed.  You must not go under water during the lesson except on the express instruction of your teacher – this includes waiting at the side for instructions or for other children to complete their width/attempt at a skill.  These are basic safety rules.
  14. At all times, you must listen to and immediately obey instructions from lifeguards.
  15. Safety notices on the poolside are there to be followed – please ensure that you follow instructions on them.  In particular, you must not duck or deliberately splash anyone, or jump in or near other users, run on the poolside or in the changing-rooms, or do handstands in areas where people are trying to swim.
  16. Balls are allowed if part of a fully supervised activity, and in a separate area of the pool from swimming, unless excellent skills in ball-control have been consistently displayed.  They may only be used if fully supervised.  Other throwing toys are not allowed at all.
  17. Body-boards and/or woggles are not allowed unless part of a fully supervised activity/lesson.  Sometimes, flippers are used for leg-work – but only on instruction from a teacher.
  18. Shouting at or to friends, or answering back is strictly forbidden, either in the changing rooms or in the pool area.  We expect politeness to and from each other – it is part of the respect we should all show to each other.  Teachers on the poolside may need to raise their voices because of the pool acoustics – they are not shouting at you in anger!
  19. You are expected to listen to instructions given by your teacher, and to do your best to follow them.  Your teacher will do his/her best to make these as simple as possible, but if you don’t understand anything, ASK for further explanation, don’t just worry about it or pretend you understood!  Please remember that you are expected to TRY everything asked (your teacher will not ask you to do something he/she does not think that you are capable of achieving with practice – you are not expected to be able to master all skills and techniques with one attempt!)  There have been some incidents of children saying “My mum/dad says I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to” – if you have a real problem with anything you are asked to do, and you are unable to explain this to your teacher yourself, your parent must try to speak to him/her at the end of the lesson to explain, or to explain before the start of the next lesson.  TRYING is part of the learning process.
  20. We include some pre-diving & early diving activities in our lessons for contrast from time-to-time.  At no time are we able to include vertical dives – 2m depth is insufficient for these.