Code of Conduct for Spectators

Invariably, spectators are parents, carers or siblings of swimmers, with an occasional friend attending.  There are safety and courtesy rules which should always be observed.

  1. Spectators should not interrupt the lesson or try to give children conflicting advice to that of the teacher – this will only serve to confuse them.
  2. Abusive or inappropriate language or behaviour will never be tolerated.  If any is exhibited by any spectator, they will be reported to pool staff, and at the request of the Club, pool staff will then remove them from the building.   If this is necessary, future access will be denied.
  3. Parents/carers should not allow children to run or play among the seating or up and down the stairs – there is a danger of falls and injuries.  Parents/carers should ensure that they take suitable quiet activities to keep siblings amused during lessons.
  4. For safety reasons, sitting on the spectator barrier is strictly prohibited.
  5. PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed from the spectator area of own children during their lessons or swimming galas, but ONLY if permission has been sought & obtained from the Club.  NO photography is allowed in the showers, toilets or changing areas.  NB photography includes the use of cameras, video cameras, camcorders, and mobile phones or any other device which has the facility to take photographs or videos.
  6. It becomes very hot in the spectator area – it is advised that suitable light clothing should be worn for your comfort.
  7. The pool management has a ruling that food and drinks are not to be taken into the spectator area.  A small soft drink is usually allowed, provided the empty container is placed in the appropriate rubbish bin or taken home.  Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  8. Any other rubbish should be placed in appropriate bins or taken home.
  9. Spectators are an important part of the Club.  They will be treated with courtesy, and are expected to be courteous to all other users.
  10. There is a small weekly charge for spectators – actual fee is notified to everyone – which helps to offset costs.  If we have a surplus (doubtful!) the money is used towards family activities held during the year. Please try to have the correct change.